You get what you pay for – are low CPM’s really good for your Brand?

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Step 1: Navigate to Crate & Barrel, put an item in your shopping cart and abandon the transaction. Step 2: Navigate to pretty much any Entertainment site on the internet. The more borderline the better – since these sites do not have their own sales teams and do not have the contextually relevant content that… Read more »

0.01% Click-Through-Rate

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Nobody clicks on an ad to buy a car; but that is exactly what many (most – let’s be real) brand advertisers and agencies demand in terms of campaign performance – to justify renewals. We all go to conferences, read the industry reports all discounting the value of the click as a good campaign performance… Read more »

Flash Cookies – Taste Better than Browser Cookies

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Have you ever wondered why sites like seam to know who you are – even if you deleted your browser cookies recently? Up to 100k, difficult to find, non transparent, non expiring, not cleared by any browser “Clear / Delete Cookie” functions – Flash Cookies are oh so very sweet for collecting data –… Read more »

The Persuaders – invading the privacy of our minds

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I started reading Shoptimism by Lee Eisenberg a few days ago. I have only gotten through 50 pages – but so far it’s an interesting read on consumer marketing. An early section on the work of Vance Packard and his exploration (in the 1950’s) of consumer motivational research by social scientist working for advertising agencies… Read more »