December 16th, 2009

0.01% Click-Through-Rate

Posted in Online Advertising by sabotosh

Nobody clicks on an ad to buy a car; but that is exactly what many (most – let’s be real) brand advertisers and agencies demand in terms of campaign performance – to justify renewals.

We all go to conferences, read the industry reports all discounting the value of the click as a good campaign performance metric; but in the end the click wins.

Without a conversion event; most all campaigns are evaluated through the prism of the click – simply because we don’t have anything else to easily measure. But nobody clicks on an auto ad to buy a car – the attribution model is broken.

The following Auto ads (screenshot) ran a few weeks back on my site powered by Google AdSense. There was thumbs up / thumbs down voting built into the ads.


Could a valid attribution model be as easy as thumbs up / thumbs down? Think about it (Google is); could something this simple help validate brand campaign performance?

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