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December 16th, 2009

0.01% Click-Through-Rate

Posted in Online Advertising by sabotosh

Nobody clicks on an ad to buy a car; but that is exactly what many (most – let’s be real) brand advertisers and agencies demand in terms of campaign performance – to justify renewals.

We all go to conferences, read the industry reports all discounting the value of the click as a good campaign performance metric; but in the end the click wins.

Without a conversion event; most all campaigns are evaluated through the prism of the click – simply because we don’t have anything else to easily measure. But nobody clicks on an auto ad to buy a car – the attribution model is broken.

The following Auto ads (screenshot) ran a few weeks back on my site powered by Google AdSense. There was thumbs up / thumbs down voting built into the ads.


Could a valid attribution model be as easy as thumbs up / thumbs down? Think about it (Google is); could something this simple help validate brand campaign performance?

December 12th, 2009

Flash Cookies – Taste Better than Browser Cookies

Have you ever wondered why sites like seam to know who you are – even if you deleted your browser cookies recently?

Up to 100k, difficult to find, non transparent, non expiring, not cleared by any browser “Clear / Delete Cookie” functions – Flash Cookies are oh so very sweet for collecting data – so much better than plain old browser based Cookies.

I have heard the stories of ADNETS using Flash to re-spawn browser cookies when a user deletes their browser Cookies; but I had no idea just how many sites are using Flash Cookies for tracking.

Viewing my own Flash cookies (hundreds of entries) I identified no less than a dozen ADNET’s, ad servers, and online marketer cookies. My bank is even using them – they don’t even have flash on their site… Check Your Flash Cookies yourself…

Flash Cookies

Flash Cookie

Flash Cokies

Want more… check out this wired article on Flash Cookies.

December 11th, 2009

Reptilian Words – Words that work